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1. Xinhua and CCTV already offer free content. Why should I choose BON?

We offer a unique, independent take on China with opinions and views of everyday Chinese people from all walks of life. All our content is produced with a western audience in mind.


2. You're based in Beijing. How do you avoid government censorship?

BON doesn’t broadcast in China. We produce only English-language content geared towards western audiences.


3. How can I be assured your content is independent?

Since we are a privately-owned and privately-funded company that produces content for audiences outside of China, we have always been independent of outside management and editorial control.


4. If you're not government-funded, where does your funding come from?

Our funding comes from the private equity firm CDH Capital Ventures with more than US$900 million assets under management across sectors such as IT, new media, consumer products and service, healthcare, education, clean tech, as well as some other fast growing high-tech and services.


5. How often can I expect to see new content? How many news stories or features per day?

You can find up to ten new videos every day.


6. Can I ask for custom-made packages?

We can provide custom-made packages upon request. Please contact us here for details.


7. Can you provide exclusive content?

We can provide exclusive, commissioned content upon request. Please contact us here for details.


8. How many staff do you have and what are their backgrounds?

We have an international team of media professionals, nearly 200 strong, from more than 10 countries with a range of backgrounds in television management, video production, radio, and print media.