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Fast and efficient to use, the BON CP platform is updated several times per day by our team of dedicated publishers and customer service professionals so you get the very latest, most compelling feature stories from China.

The BON CP Service

Each content download pack, or topical story, comes complete with the following component options:

•The final cut: a broadcast-ready video in multiple low, medium and hi-res formats

•Unedited stock video clips (optional)

•Audio files/tracks (English-language voiceover and Mandarin Chinese original) in natural, high-quality sound on two separate audio tracks (optional)

•Voiceover transcripts for easy translation or localization (optional)

•A series of high-resolution still images (optional)

•The transcripts, side-notes and a running order, if applicable, for editors who seek to repurpose and rebrand materials into their own content (optional)

As part of our service to you, BON CP makes all downloadable content available via the BON Cloud, a securely managed, high-speed global content delivery network.

Special projects

Looking for a completed China market research project? Or specific business story or business or culture-related report? BON CP is ready to discuss special projects.